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Case Study: Nashik Chicken Center

Nashik Chicken Center is a prominent chicken franchise with online and offline stores in Nashik. Despite its established presence, the brand aimed to elevate its visibility, engage a broader audience, and significantly enhance sales. To address these objectives, Nashik Chicken Center enlisted the expertise of SocioFlame, a digital marketing agency with a comprehensive skill set.


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Established but wanting to bolster brand recognition and appeal.

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The aspiration to increase sales across their three Nashik stores.

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A need for a cohesive and effective digital marketing strategy.


SocioFlame implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to meet Nashik Chicken Center’s objectives, leveraging various online tools and techniques:

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Social Media Marketing

SocioFlame devised and executed a dynamic social media marketing campaign, with a strong emphasis on Instagram. Consistent, engaging content was crafted to foster community engagement and interaction. Nashik Chicken Center successfully built a vibrant Instagram community, strengthening brand loyalty and recognition.

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Paid Advertising

To expand their reach and drive sales, SocioFlame initiated targeted paid advertising campaigns. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram were used to ensure that Nashik Chicken Center's offerings reached a wider audience. The result was an increase in sales as the brand connected with a more extensive customer base beyond their existing clientele.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SocioFlame employed a robust SEO strategy to elevate Nashik Chicken Center's visibility in local search engine results, particularly on Google. By optimizing their online presence for relevant keywords and creating high-quality content, the franchise climbed to the top of local search rankings. This achievement contributed to a surge in organic website traffic and local recognition.

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Website Development

SocioFlame transformed Nashik Chicken Center's portfolio website into a fully functional ecommerce platform. The new website featured user-friendly navigation and a streamlined purchasing process. The revamped website enabled online sales, generating revenue through digital channels.


The partnership between Nashik Chicken Center and SocioFlame yielded remarkable results:

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Community Growth on Instagram

Social media marketing initiatives led to the creation of an active and loyal community on Instagram, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty.

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Increased Sales with Paid Advertising

Targeted paid advertising campaigns extended Nashik Chicken Center's reach and resulted in a significant uptick in sales.

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Top Local Google Ranking with SEO

Through SEO optimization, the franchise secured top positions on Google for relevant local search queries, attracting more organic website traffic.

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Ecommerce Sales via Website

The transformation of the portfolio website into an ecommerce platform facilitated online sales, contributing to revenue growth and expanding the franchise's customer base.


In summary, the collaboration between Nashik Chicken Center and SocioFlame successfully amplified brand awareness, broadened the franchise’s reach, and significantly boosted sales. These combined efforts established Nashik Chicken Center as a leading chicken franchise in Nashik and positioned it for continued growth in the digital age.

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