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Case Study: Mental Knots

Mental Knots is a mental health clinic located in Nashik, founded by Psychologist Tanvi Shinde in 2020. As newcomers in the market, they faced the challenge of establishing their brand presence and increasing their website traffic. To address these issues, they decided to collaborate with SocioFlame, a digital marketing agency with expertise in various online strategies.


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Newcomers in the mental health industry in Nashik.

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Limited brand awareness and online presence.

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Low website traffic and conversions.


SocioFlame employed a multi-faceted approach to improve Mental Knots’ online visibility and drive traffic to their website.

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Social Media Marketing

SocioFlame developed and executed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for Mental Knots, focusing primarily on Instagram. The agency consistently posted engaging content, shared informative mental health tips, and initiated conversations with the audience. This approach helped Mental Knots build a strong and supportive community on Instagram, fostering trust and credibility among their target audience.

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Paid Advertising

SocioFlame crafted targeted paid advertising campaigns to expand Mental Knots' reach beyond their existing audience. By using platforms like Facebook and Instagram ads, SocioFlame ensured that Mental Knots' services were prominently featured to potential clients. These efforts resulted in increased brand visibility and a wider reach among the local population in Nashik.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SocioFlame implemented a robust SEO strategy to enhance Mental Knots' online presence and visibility on search engines, especially Google. By optimizing the clinic's website for relevant keywords and creating valuable content, Mental Knots gradually climbed the local search rankings. Achieving a top position on Google for relevant search terms helped Mental Knots attract more organic traffic.

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Website Development

SocioFlame developed Mental Knots' website, ensuring it was user-friendly, informative, and conversion-focused. Clear and compelling calls-to-action were strategically placed to convert website visitors into clients. The improved website played a pivotal role in converting inquiries into actual clients.


The collaboration between Mental Knots and SocioFlame yielded significant results:

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Community Building on Instagram

The social media marketing efforts led to the creation of a supportive and engaged community on Instagram, strengthening Mental Knots' brand presence.

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Expanded Reach with Paid Advertising

Paid advertising helped Mental Knots reach a broader audience, making their services more visible to potential clients in Nashik.

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Top Google Ranking with SEO

Through SEO optimization, Mental Knots achieved top-ranking positions on Google for relevant local search queries, driving organic traffic to their website.

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Increased Conversions with Website

The revamped website played a crucial role in converting inquiries into actual clients, contributing to the growth of Mental Knots' clientele.


In summary, the collaboration between Mental Knots and SocioFlame successfully improved brand awareness, expanded reach, and drove more traffic to the clinic’s website. These combined efforts led to the growth and success of Mental Knots as a prominent mental health clinic in Nashik.

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