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Case Study: Haveli

Haveli is a luxurious real estate project in Nashik, developed by Sathe Builders. As newcomers to the market with a focus on selling upscale apartments, they faced the challenge of establishing their brand presence and boosting sales. To address these goals, Haveli enlisted the expertise of SocioFlame, a digital marketing agency well-versed in various online strategies.


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New entrants in the real estate market, seeking to establish their brand identity.

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The objective of selling premium apartments in a competitive market.

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The need for a marketing strategy to create brand awareness and drive sales.


SocioFlame implemented a multifaceted digital marketing approach to fulfill Haveli’s objectives, utilizing various digital tools and techniques:

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Social Media Marketing

SocioFlame devised and executed a tailored social media marketing campaign, with a strong focus on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Engaging and visually appealing content showcased Haveli's luxurious offerings and the lifestyle it promised. This approach successfully built awareness and recognition for Haveli on social media platforms.

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Paid Advertising

SocioFlame initiated targeted paid advertising campaigns to expand Haveli's reach and drive sales. Through platforms like Facebook and Google Ads, Haveli's premium apartments were prominently featured to a broader audience. Paid advertising played a pivotal role in increasing sales by connecting with potential buyers beyond their existing clientele.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SocioFlame implemented a robust SEO strategy to improve Haveli's visibility in local search engine results, particularly on Google. By optimizing their online content for relevant keywords and generating high-quality content, Haveli secured top local rankings in search engine results, attracting organic website traffic.

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Website Development

SocioFlame revamped Haveli's website, ensuring it was user-friendly, informative, and conversion-focused. The website featured clear and compelling calls-to-action, strategically placed to generate leads and sales. The improved website served as a vital tool for capturing and nurturing leads.


The partnership between Haveli and SocioFlame yielded remarkable results:

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Enhanced Social Media Awareness

Social media marketing initiatives successfully built brand awareness for Haveli, showcasing its luxurious offerings to a broader audience.

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Increased Sales with Paid Advertising

Targeted paid advertising campaigns extended Haveli's reach, resulting in a significant uptick in sales by connecting with potential buyers beyond their existing clientele.

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Top Local Google Ranking with SEO

Through SEO optimization, Haveli secured top positions on Google for relevant local search queries, attracting more organic website traffic.

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Lead Generation via Website

The revamped website proved instrumental in generating leads and capturing potential buyers, facilitating the sales process.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Haveli Real Estate Project and SocioFlame successfully improved brand awareness, broadened the project’s reach, and significantly boosted sales. These combined efforts established Haveli as a leading luxury real estate project in Nashik and positioned it for continued success in the competitive market.

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