Case study of how we helped Sathe Builder using digital marketing

Welcome to the success story of Sathe Builders, a leading real estate developer in Nashik. At SocioFlame, we specialize in leveraging the power of digital marketing to drive growth and success for businesses. Sathe Builders, known for its commitment to quality and innovation, faced unique challenges in selling apartments at their new site “Haveli.” Through strategic digital marketing interventions, we assisted Sathe Builders in overcoming these obstacles and achieving significant results in the competitive real estate market.

Challenges Faced

As a reputable real estate builder, Sathe Builders encountered several challenges when promoting their new project, “Haveli”:
Property Promotion
Sathe Builders needed to effectively market the apartments at “Haveli” to attract potential buyers and generate leads.
The real estate market in Nashik is highly competitive, with numerous developers vying for buyers’ attention. Sathe Builders needed to find a way to differentiate “Haveli” and stand out in the market.

Solutions Implemented

To address the challenges faced by Sathe Builders, we implemented a tailored digital marketing strategy that included the following solutions:
Social Media Marketing
Leveraging platforms such as Facebook and Instagram we created targeted campaigns to showcase the unique features and amenities of “Haveli” and engage with potential buyers.
Paid Advertising
Through strategic paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and social media channels, we ensured that Sathe Builders’ properties received maximum visibility and reached their target audience effectively.
“SocioFlame has been instrumental in transforming our digital presence at Sathe Builders. Their expertise in digital marketing, spanning social media strategies, paid advertising, and website development, has significantly elevated our brand in the competitive real estate builder industry. With SocioFlame’s tailored solutions, we’ve witnessed a notable increase in online inquiries and site visits. Their commitment to delivering real results has been exceptional. Thanks to SocioFlame, we’ve not only expanded our reach but also strengthened our reputation as a trusted name in the real estate sector.”
Neeraj Sathe

Results Achieved

Our collaborative efforts with Sathe Builders yielded significant results:
Increased Social Media Visibility
Sathe Builders gained a strong presence on social media platforms, with engaging content showcasing “Haveli” attracting attention and generating interest from potential buyers.
Lead Generation
Through targeted paid advertising campaigns, Sathe Builders successfully generated leads for “Haveli,” enabling them to connect with interested buyers and facilitate property sales.


In conclusion, our partnership with Sathe Builders exemplifies the transformative impact of digital marketing in the real estate industry. Through strategic planning and execution, we helped Sathe Builders effectively promote their new project, “Haveli,” reach their target audience, and generate leads. If you’re ready to elevate your real estate marketing efforts, SocioFlame is here to help you achieve your goals in the digital landscape.