Case study of how we helped Dr. Sabiha using digital marketing

Welcome to the case study highlighting how we supported Dr. Sabiha, an esteemed sex and relationship coach, in her digital marketing journey. At SocioFlame, we specialize in leveraging digital tools to elevate professionals’ visibility and impact. Dr. Sabiha, renowned for her expertise in sex and relationship coaching, already had a strong presence on her English Instagram channel. However, she sought our assistance in expanding her reach through high quality video production and the establishment of a successful Marathi channel. Here’s how we facilitated her digital expansion.

Challenges Faced

As a sex and relationship coach, Dr. Sabiha following challenges:

Video Quality Production
Dr. Sabiha faced the challenge of maintaining high quality video production standards while expanding her digital presence. Ensuring that the content remained engaging, informative, and professionally produced was crucial to retaining and attracting her audience.
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Establishment of a New Marathi Channel
Another challenge arose in reaching a Marathi speaking audience. Dr. Sabiha needed to establish a successful Marathi channel from scratch, tailoring content to resonate with this demographic while maintaining her reputation for insightful and impactful content.

Solutions Implemented

To address the challenges faced by Dr. Sabiha, we devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy:
Social Media Marketing
Provided assistance in creating high-quality videos for both English and Marathi channels, bolstering social media marketing efforts.
Paid Advertising
Implemented focused advertising campaigns to drive registrations for Dr. Sabiha’s webinar, maximizing audience engagement.
Content Creation
Developed high quality videos and posts tailored for both channels to maintain audience engagement and attract new followers.
Sales Funnel Development
Designed and implemented a structured sales funnel to efficiently convert leads into clients, ensuring business growth for Dr. Sabiha’s coaching services.
“The assistance provided by SocioFlame has been invaluable in elevating my digital presence as a sex and relationship coach. From producing top quality videos for my channels to executing targeted advertising campaigns, their expertise has driven significant growth. Their meticulous approach to sales funnel optimization has resulted in tangible results, including increased engagement and client conversions. I highly recommend SocioFlame to any professional seeking to enhance their online presence.”
Dr. Sabiha Inamdar

Results Achieved

Our collaborative efforts with Dr. Sabiha resulted in significant outcomes:
Improved English Channel Growth
Dr. Sabiha’s English channel experienced significant growth due to enhanced content quality, fostering stronger viewer engagement.
Swift Marathi Channel Growth
The Marathi channel quickly reached parity with the English channel’s success, demonstrating rapid expansion in a short timeframe.
Successful Webinar Engagement
Dr. Sabiha’s webinar received a great response, with high registration rates and active participation from attendees.
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Effective Lead Conversion
Utilizing a structured sales funnel, Dr. Sabiha achieved a notable increase in lead conversion, translating into enhanced client acquisition for her coaching business.
Emergence as an Influencer
Dr. Sabiha’s growing reputation led to invitations to speak on various podcasts, establishing her as a respected influencer in the sex and relationship coaching industry.


Through strategic collaboration and targeted digital interventions, Dr. Sabiha’s online presence witnessed significant enhancements. The combined efforts in social media marketing, paid advertising, content creation, and sales funnel optimization resulted in tangible outcomes. Dr. Sabiha’s English and Marathi channels experienced accelerated growth, her webinar garnered substantial engagement, and the implementation of a robust sales funnel facilitated efficient lead conversion. Moreover, her emergence as an influencer and sought-after guest on podcasts underscored her authority in the field of sex and relationship coaching. This success underscores the transformative impact of digital marketing in expanding Dr. Sabiha’s reach, engagement, and influence, positioning her as a prominent figure in her industry.